A simple pricing plan to meet your needs

We believe in keeping everything as straightforward as possible, and that includes being completely clear and upfront about our charging structure. All of our clients are charged in exactly the same way here at Bee Creative, whatever their size. So you can rest assured that you’re always receiving our services at the best possible value.
Here is our simple-to-follow two-tier pricing structure:

graphic design costs

How we begin a job

Before starting any work, we ask all our clients to provide us with a brief containing as much detail as possible, as this will always result in a more accurate quote from us. We then provide our clients with an estimate of how long we believe the job will take, along with a total cost, and include concise details explaining our calculations. The turn-around time for us to supply quotes is usually one working day.

A Fair charging Policy

We all like to feel that we’re getting the very best value for our money, and we’re no different here at Bee Creative. Most other agencies round up their costs to the nearest hour, which we think is outrageous. So Bee Creative only ever charge for the amount of time we actually spend working on a project. For example, if we spend 15 minutes working on a job, then we invoice accordingly by charging just £15.

When charging at our ‘day rate’, we also break down our costs to accurately match the time spent working on a job. So a project taking one and a half days would be charged at £450 (1.5 x 300) and not rounded up to the nearest full day!